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why Choose us for your Headlight Restoration needs?

We are real professionals. We are not going to give it a quick buff or use some household chemical so it looks good for a few weeks. Our headlight restoration service is thorough and we take the necessary steps to ensure your headlights stay clear for as long as you own your car, that is why we offer a 10 year warranty on our service. If your headlights become hazy of foggy or yellow again, we will fix them absolutely free of charge.

why do headlights Oxidize?

There is multiple reasons why headlights become foggy, yellow, and dull. The lens on modern vehicles is made of polycarbonate and when this material is exposed to the UV sun rays, weather, road debris, dirt and chemicals it begins developing micro cracks and pits where moisture and layers of tar and dirt accumulate, with this combination a chemical reaction begins to happen and the end result is oxidized headlights. 

Vehicle Depreciation

Let’s be honest for a second, if you look at a vehicle with crystal clear headlights and one with yellow foggy ones, which one would you want to buy? The crystal clear one right? It looks newer therefore in every ones mind its more valuable. On the other hand the one with yellow, foggy lights seems less valuable looks old, worn, and tired therefore people will be less incline to pay a fair value for the vehicle. 

Headlight Restoration Near me

With us, you don’t have to leave your home to have your headlights restored. We will drive to your location at no additional cost and have your headlights looking like new again!

GMC Sierra
GMC Sierra

The Headlight Restoration Process

1. Clean Oxidation: We clean and remove all the oxidation from the headlights. 

2. Even out the surface: We remove all scratches and old clear coat.

3. Restore clarity: We will polish your headlights to bring back that crystal clear look. 

4. Apply ceramic clear coat: A new ceramic clear coat will be applied to your headlights, this ceramic clear coat fills in cracks and pits to give the headlights an uniformed look and give them that brand new look again.

Our headlight restoration service comes with a 10 year warranty. If they ever become hazy, yellow, or oxidized within 10 years we will restore them again free of charge!

Lastly, adding a Premium Hand Wash with this service will make your vehicle look even better!

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Headlight Restoration Service FAQ

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Yes, We are 100% mobile and self contained, which means we can work in virtually any location. 

The short answer is no. But with neglect and harsh weather anything is possible. The ceramic coat we apply on your headlights will protect them from oxidation for at least 10 years and you can rest assure that if they become yellow again within 10 years we’ll go to you and restore them again free of charge. 

1hr to 2hrs depending on the condition of the headlights. 

To make this easier for our customers, we accept multiple forms of payment. Cash, Zelle, Cash app, and all major Credit/Debit cards.