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found yourself Searching for "Hand car Wash near me"?

Well, you don’t have to go to the car wash because we bring the mobile car wash to you! We are a 100% self contained unit that brings the services to the comfort of your home, office or apartment!

Why a hand car wash?

A hand car wash is the proper way to wash your vehicle. We make sure we remove as much abrasive dirt and debris before even touching your car. We will leave every part of your vehicle clean unlike automatic car washes that miss certain spots.

What's so bad about automatic car washes?

Long story short, an automatic car wash will damage your car. If you think about it 100’s if not 1000’s of cars drive through them everyday. Leaving all the dirt and debris on the scrubbers, when you drive through, those scrubbers behave like sand paper and cause scratches on your clear coat and over time can lead to clear coat failure. So not only do they beat up your car with the slapping action, scratch it with their dirty scrubbers but also miss certain spots that need human attention to get it right. 

The solution? A Proper Hand car wash

Our hand car wash is simple and effective. Wheels and tires get cleaned, we remove 80% of dirt and debris before making contact with our wash mitts. We constantly rinse the wash mitts to make sure dirt and debris stays off the next panel we wash. We air and towel dry your vehicle, dress your tires with a long lasting tire dressing and add a layer of protection and shine with our Meguiars synthetic spray wax. 

The Mobile car Wash Process:

1. We travel to your location with everything we need to service your vehicle.

2. Wheels & Tires: Wheels get cleaned and tires get degreased. 

3. Exterior Wash: Exterior gets hand washed & Hand dried with a plush towel. Pressurized air is also used to remove water from all the crevices.

4. Tires get a water based dressing to give them a long lasting shiny black look. 

5. Apply a layer of spray wax to give your paint a glossy finish. 

6. Glass cleaning: Exterior windows and mirrors get cleaned for a crystal clear finish!

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Even though this is a express wash we will happily get any specific concern you may have at an additional cost. Contact us and let us know what you need!

We travel a radius of 30 miles from Arlington heights high school, unless this service is combined with another one.

Most vehicles take 30 min

To make this easier for our customers, we accept multiple forms of payment. Cash, Zelle, Cash app, and all major Credit/Debit cards.