Wash and wax

A Premium service that will leave your paint feeling ultra soft & give your paint an amazing reflective shine. 

Why is a wash and wax a good idea?

A Wash and Wax will protect your clear coat. The clear coat protects the paint of your vehicle and its what makes it shiny, with sun exposure, harsh weather and time this clear coat fades away and the paint becomes exposed and faded. 

With a wash and wash service every 3 to 6 months you will not only keep your paint free of debris but you will have a layer of protection over your clear coat, keeping your car looking amazing and maintaining your clear coat in great shape!

The Wash and wax Process

1. Wheels, Tires & Fender wells : Wheels get cleaned and detailed, tires get degreased, fender walls get cleaned. 

2. Cracks & Crevices: All cracks and crevices get cleaned & detailed. 

3. Exterior Wash hand wash: Exterior gets a two bucket hand wash method to avoid fine scratches & Hand dried with a plush towel. Pressurized air is also used to remove water from all the crevices and make sure it doesn’t run on your freshly detailed paint when you drive off. 

4. Paint Decontamination: Using the clay bar treatment, every inch of your vehicles paint will be decontaminated and cleaned from any stuck on debris, leaving your vehicles paint feeling and looking super smooth. 

5. Wax Application: We will apply a Carnuba wax  on your vehicle to give it a glossy look and protect it from everyday abrasives that damage your paint. 

6. Dressing: Tires & plastics get a water based dressing to give them a long lasting shiny black look. 

7. Glass cleaning: Exterior windows and mirrors get cleaned for a crystal clear finish!

A 12 month Nano polymer sealant protection can be added to this service for an additional cost of $30 to $60 dollars. 

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Wash and Wax FAQ

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The 12 month paint sealant is a product engineered to bond and protect your cars paint from acid rain, UV rays, sap, and harsh weather, for an entire year while providing an amazing reflective shine!

We will happily get any specific concern you may have at an additional cost. Contact us and let us know what you need!

We travel a radius of 45 miles from Arlington heights high school and add $1 distance fee for every mile over that.

Most vehicles take 3 to 4hrs

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